Kanban Board

The web-based Kanban board is designed to boost productivity by offering a wide array of powerful features. One of its key functionalities is the drag and drop capability, which enables users to effortlessly move items across the board, allowing for easy customization and organization based on their preferences. This intuitive feature streamlines task management and enhances efficiency.

In addition, the Kanban board includes a built-in markdown file preview feature. This integration allows users to seamlessly review and preview markdown files directly within the platform. By eliminating the need to switch between different applications or tools, users can conveniently access and assess the content of markdown files, making collaboration and document management more streamlined and convenient.

Overall, this web-based Kanban board provides a comprehensive solution for task management and productivity enhancement. With its intuitive drag and drop functionality and integrated markdown file preview, users can optimize their workflow and seamlessly manage their tasks and projects within a single platform.