Red Eye

Film Audience Discovery & Recommendation Platform

The question-based website developed for filmmakers provides a simple yet effective platform for them to gain insights about their films' target audience and discover similar films. The website features a user-friendly interface that presents filmmakers with a series of questions about their film's genre, theme, and content. By gathering the answers provided by filmmakers, the website utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to generate recommendations and insights on the appropriate target audience.

To enhance the film discovery process, the website integrates The Movie Database (TMDB) API, which serves as a comprehensive film database. Leveraging the TMDB API, filmmakers can access a vast collection of film data and receive recommendations for similar films based on various criteria such as genre, storyline, and audience preferences. This functionality not only helps filmmakers understand their target audience better but also provides them with a source of inspiration and reference for their own projects.

Overall, the question-based website for filmmakers offers an invaluable resource for understanding their film's target audience and discovering similar films. With its user-friendly interface, integration of the TMDB API, and attention to data privacy and security, the website provides filmmakers with a powerful tool for enhancing their creative process and finding success in the film industry.